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Posted: Sun Nov 29, 2015 3:52 pm Reply with quote
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On Saturday, November 29 2015 AHL Poker lost one of its oldest and most beloved members. Cheryl signed up on August, 8th 2008 making her a true original with us. I laughed when I looked this up and thought “08-08-08, in true Cheryl fashion she gives me a laugh from the great beyond”.

Cheryl was someone that stood out and she was the prime example of “dynamite in a small package”! She was always a bright part of the room you shared with her. Cheryl was very kind and generous to me and to anyone I saw her interact with. She led with a smile actually that put you at ease which made it wonderful to converse with her if even for a moment. AHL created a charity tournament a few years back where we gave 100 bicycles and toys away to the children of a battered women shelter. Not only did Cheryl support this tournament by donating money but she also volunteered her time coming out to assemble and award those bicycles. She showed up to that shelter with a “Jazzercise” tank top ready to work! Helping out those kids never asking anything in return and she worked circles around most of us. From what I’ve seen on social media there’s a lot of stories just like this that involve Cheryl Wood.

In life no matter how wealthy or poor we are no matter our sex, race or creed our life can be summed up by the stories we create. The moments in time you share with others whether they’re minutes or decades. Those moments have an impact on other living things and those are the moments that say who we were. Cheryl lived a life worth having and the people in her life whether that be minutes or decades were lucky and better for having had that time.

So what does that mean? That means that we really lost someone of merit and we should all tip our hats to Cheryl and try being just a little more like her when we venture out into the world tomorrow.

Cheryl you will be missed and never replaced, thanks for one more laugh while I was writing this.


Adam Thompson
Founder/AHL Poker Inc.

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