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AHL Free Rolls:
This describes any daily AHL event that carries a cash prize.
These tournaments are open to all players and no qualification is needed to play.

AHL Special Events, Charity Events, Championships:

Special Events:

AHL Poker offers several special events throughout the calendar year. Some events are qualified events based on AHL Points and some are large Free Rolls. In AHL Poker any event that is labeled a Free Roll is open to all with no qualification needed. Information for upcoming Special Events can be found in the AHL Forums within the .AHL BIG $$$$ Tournaments. section.

Charity Events:

At times AHL Poker will host charity events which will be open to all players with no qualification needed. All Charity Events are for the benefit of established charities and 100% of proceeds from these events will be given to the promoted charity. All AHL charity events will follow all local, state and federal laws.

Chopping the prize:

AHL Players may chop any prize once they have reached the final 3 players in any daily AHL Free Roll. Neither AHL Poker nor Venue are responsible or will assist in chopping prizes or money won. AHL will decide the prize split on any Special Events, Championships, Qualified events or Charity Events.


* Missing points must be reported at least 72hrs prior to the tournament.

* Random seats may be assigned for these events.

* Declaring that you are going all in because you have to leave is not allowed. A warning will be given followed by a penalty that may include expulsion from the tournament.

* If you have to leave please notify an AHL Tournament Director and they will collect your chips. This rule applies to all AHL tournaments.

* For all other rules visit You can also find all rules by selecting .rules. on the AHL Poker homepage.

All content in this section is subject to change by the AHL without warning and at any time.

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