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Tournament Structure

  1. Players per table
    There are 8 players per table.
  2. Dealer
    AHL has a self deal tournament, meaning that each player takes a turn as dealer. Dealer will cut his/her own shuffle.
  3. Deciding a Dealer
    The players will mix the cards face down and each player will draw one card at random. The player that draws the highest card is the dealer. In the event the same denomination of card is chosen by more than one player the player, each player draws an additional card until one player draws the higher card.
  4. Deal Rotation
    The deal will rotate to the left at the end of every hand
  5. Chips count
    Each player will receive one or more of the following qualifying chips:
    • 5,000 Chip starting stack (3-1,000, 2-500, 7-100, 4-50 chips & 4-25 chips)
    • 5,000 Bonus chips (1-5,000 chip)
    In total players can start with 10,000 in tournament chips.
  6. Blinds
    There are 2 blinds posted at the beginning of each hand, a small and a big. Small blind is the player to the immediate left of the dealer and big blind is the player to the left of the small blind. Blinds rotate with the deal. If you are the dealer of a hand which ends in the elimination of the small blind you will maintain the deal for another hand. This is so no player will miss a blind and so the rotation will stay the same. Players being moved to a new table cannot come in the hand in the small blind position. A player that comes in at small blind position will sit out one hand and let the deal pass them.
  7. Color up
    This is when the blinds increase to a denomination higher than your smallest chip, this will occur a total of 3 times during the course of the tournament. Your tournament director will come to your table and provide chips then instruct you to color up after the current hand is over. At this time you will count all of your lower obsolete chips and trade them in for larger chips. When coloring up your chips you will always round up to an even number.
  8. Blind Levels
    Blind levels will increase in 15 minute increments (tournament directors may alter the blinds to accommodate time restrictions) throughout the course of the tournament.
  9. Breaks
    Players will have one ten minute break, if time allows, after the first hour of play. The tournament directors may give additional breaks if time allows.

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