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Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2017 11:41 pm Reply with quote
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Chopping & Buying Host Drinks
We have had some issues in these areas lately and wanted to clear up AHL policy.

In AHL Poker players may chop the pot when the tournament reaches its final 3 players. However, the venue itself, AHL host and AHL Poker have nothing to do with the chop.

Players must play out until 3rd, 2nd and a winner is established and the winner will be the only player that we hand the total prize to. It is between the players what happens after that. We love that winning players almost always tip the host a portion of the winnings however, this is not mandatory and any AHL host that makes you feel pressured to do so should be reported immediately.

AHL Tournament directors are not allowed for any reason to drink while running a tournament. We appreciate and love that our TD's have such a close-knit group that members often want to buy them a drink but please wait until you see them outside a venue they are hosting. If you see a violation to this, please report immediately.

No player should ever get unearned points for any reason. If you see a host giving undeserved placings to anyone please report immediately.

To report any of these violations or log a complaint click here.

You can also find this page by clicking "contact" on our home page and selecting "complaint" from the drop down menu on the contact page.

We are encouraging our AHL members to report these actions to help us keep the highest quality as possible.

Thank you for your continued support and get ready for some cool new tournaments and promotions in 2017!

Adam Thompson / AHL Poker
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