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Posted: Thu Aug 09, 2007 2:59 am Reply with quote
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A few things you may not know
I shared a few stories with Brian Mccalla (a fellow AHL player and friend) tonight and I noticed his surprise to hear some of the things that Jerry "Polish" has been involved with. I have been thinking about this for the past few hours and wanted you all to know a little about the guy with the funny accent that you shared the poker table with. The following links are an example of just some of the things that he has done in his life and the people that have heard of his passing. Keep in mind that this is just what has hit the net in the past two days and you will get some idea of how humble Jerry really was.



I have also added a link below to "Operation Bay shield" This was the first time anything like this had been done with a game engine. The "Schwarzenegger" character is Jerry and he also did all of the Audio engineering for this film which at the time without the modern tools of today was almost impossible. The film was completed start to finish in three days in Jerry and Kristin’s downtown loft in 1997, enjoy,


I have also added a new photo album with pics from the AHL and a few of our personal pictures that shows how much fun we all had with Jerry, just click on his photo on the homepage. Kristin and I will continue to add to this folder as we sort through photos. Remember that many of these where just random photos that I snapped without him knowing and I think they really show what a great husband and friend he truly was. Thank you Brian for giving me an outside look at what a special friend I have in Jerry "Polish" Wolski and reminding me how lucky I was that he chose to spend so much of his time with me.

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Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2007 5:56 am Reply with quote
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Sounds like Jerry really acomplished alot in his short life.I wish i had a resume like that.His family should be very proud of him.The league was very fourtunate to have his webmaster skills to do such a great website.That is probably the #1 reason me and Vicki play in the AHL today.We were members of the appa which was a fun league for a while but was always frustrating because the website was so pourly managed and never updated.They were losing locations to play so we decided to try the AHL.Our first couple expieriences were very bad.We started in Febuary at Rack Daddys and thought this was a league that was not much fun.Their was a player (Lavi) that liked to go all in almost every other hand and it seemed like suicide poker with no skill involved.We would get frustrated and just call as soon as we saw a hand.He would get lucky with crap and knock us out early and we would leave frustrated.After 2 times of this happening my wife told Lauren we would never come back.After we left and my wife cooled off I reminded her how great the website is compared to the APPA and that its only 1 retarded player and we need to play our own game and not his.So because of Jerrys website we decided to stick with AHL and have enjoyed it very much.We play regular several times a week and look forward to checking the website daily.By the way we soon learned that there was 2 retarded suicide poker players (Adam) but we try to stick to our game and it has helped us become better players and less intimidated by these kind of players at casinos, etc...
WE have told several of our APPA friends to check out the AHL website and what a great league this is because of the website and they have switched leagues also.It is very hard to switch leagues when you know all the people and have put alot of time into another league and are near the top of the points standings and have to start over at the bottom but when you see a website as great as this one that updates points daily its hard not to fall in love with this league and what Polish has done for it.
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