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Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 7:16 pm Reply with quote
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Improving quality with your help!
We have seen a lot of improvement since listing a few "Rules to know" a few weeks back.

For our next round, we want to cover a few things players ask about a lot.

How long do you have to get into a tournament?

In all AHL tournaments you have exactly 1 hour from start time to enter the game. However, we know that some players at another venue may run short on time if they make a final table in an earlier session. So, with that in mind we will now allow players that are coming from another AHL final table a grace period of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

To receive the extra 30 minutes, you need to do two things;
1.) Have a receipt (dated that day) from the AHL venue you are coming from.
2.) Have your AHL host sign off that you were on the final table and initial it.

Color up:

When it is time to color up and host brings the color up tray by there are two things you should know;
1.) Wait until the splash pot hand finishes at your table before coloring up. (this is to respect those still in the hand)
2.) One person colors up the entire table. (Feel free to ask one of the players still in the hand if they will handle color up but make sure to separate your chips for color up into easy to see stacks and make it easy for the player that is helping you out).

Cell phones at the table:

Players can have their phones at the table to watch movies, text etc. We only insist that if you are in a live hand that you pause your phone and put it down until the hand has completed or you have folded. This is to keep the flow of the game and get you more hands per blind level. Anyone using their phone while in a live hand will be warned once and after that cards will be mucked and you will lose any chips you have committed to the pot.

These simple rules are to improve the quality of the games and a player’s overall experience with AHL Poker. Every few weeks we will cover 3 commonly asked about rules or questions to continue to make the games the best they can be.

Here is a link to the rules we covered at the beginning of the month just in case you missed it click here

Thank you all so much for your continued support of AHL and for making us the biggest and best league in Texas! We have a lot of $500 Freerolls and Special Events coming your way so make sure you follow us on Facebook and have access to our email list.

Thank you again to all the AHL family,

AHL Poker
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